We offer everything from technical consulting, helping your IT department in evaluating your current implementation and recommending enhancements, to evaluation and needs assessment.


We Meet Your
Special Requirements

At BioInfo, we’re adequately flexible to meet all of your special requirements, whatever they may be. This means offering the services of our pre-qualified, experienced Information Technology consultants on both short-term and long-term assignments. We offer everything from technical consulting, helping your IT department in evaluating your current implementation and recommending enhancements, to evaluation and needs assessment, selecting the appropriate technology, tools, and management solutions for your business.

Enterprise Strategy

We offer consulting services to provide you with a comprehensive enterprise talent strategy. The ideal strategy defines how human talent can provide value to your business. We’ll develop and implement a plan to derive the best value from your investments and deliver value to your stakeholders. This includes determining the capabilities that can help the business achieve its organizational goals and objectives, to develop and align the organizational talent capabilities with the business operations.

Talent Acquisition

BioInfo can help you develop a Talent Acquisition strategy along with the required framework that best suits your organizational talent needs. This includes understanding your organizational talent needs in terms of the specific and generic skills, capabilities and experience required for talent fitment for different roles, evaluating your talent needs against the market trends and availability, to develop a strategy and processes, methods and tools for talent sourcing, evaluating, staffing and on-boarding activities.

Talent Assessment

We work to provide you with a Talent Assessment framework best developed and implemented for your organizational talent assessment needs. This includes understanding your current enterprise talent capabilities, talent assessment methods and evaluating these against your talent assessment needs and enterprise talent strategy, and then to develop and deploy a custom Talent Assessment Framework with the required processes, methods and tools.

Talent Development

BioInfo will provide you with a Talent Development framework best suited for you to develop your workforce talent for the current and future needs of the organization. This includes a detailed study of your current and future organizational capability needs, related talent requirements, and aligning your current human talent with the talent requirements. Further a detailed gap analysis is conducted to identify the talent gaps and preparing a comprehensive strategic and tactical ‘Talent Development Plan’ to develop the changing talent needs of your organization.


Talent Management

We offer Talent Management IT Systems services to provide our clients with an appropriate IT strategy to streamline and automate their organizational talent processes. This includes analysing your organizational talent processes, identify automation needs and developing a blueprint of the technology architecture, systems and infrastructure that best suits the strategy and the underlying talent processes. If your organization already uses an IT system, then a detailed study of the existing system is carried out against the talent process needs to identify gaps and opportunities to optimize and modernize existing systems and integrate with newer systems and tools, to derive value by removing redundancies, workarounds and manual processes to derive efficiencies of IT systems and effective processes.


Offshore/Global Delivery

BioInfo offers offshore/global delivery to provide you with a delivery strategy best suited for your organizational outsourcing needs. We consider governance, risk and compliance needs as well as the related audit needs of the operations to be outsourced. This includes identifying the best optimized models and global locations to deploy your talent and deliver efficient workforce performance, taking advantage of factors like talent availability, service support hours and cost-arbitrage, and identifying the vendors in case of outsourced delivery. Further, a global / offshore delivery framework is developed with required processes, methods and tools, along with metrics-based reporting for delivery/service management and governance, risk and compliance, and audit.