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Our strength is in provision of individuals or teams of consultants. Our senior software consultants have worked extensively for Fortune 500 companies by offering their professional services using the latest Technologies. Our most distinguishing factor is that we have excelled in accurately understanding client needs.

Global Assessment Testing Service

GATS - a full service testing vehicle for licensure, certification, assessment and educational testing programs. We provide expertise throughout the entire testing lifecycle, including test development, test administration, computer-based testing and result management.
GATS features proprietary methodology that ensures precision and reliability in all phases of Test Development. Our team works closely with boards, board members and executive officers to develop job-related examination programs that adhere to the highest technical standards.
GATS is specialized in these areas: Technology, Education, Medical and Auto. Each job skills assessment system will help employers select, hire, train, develop, and retain a high-performance workforce. GATS helps in hiring metric to improve quality of their applications while streamlining the hiring process thereby saving time and money. Bioinfo Systems, LLC will provide the solutions and implement the GATS system to their clients. Our system will be user friendly, cost effective and quality that will exceed the clients’ standards

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Bioinfo Systems, LLC is developing a one stop Mobile2Cloud Software Framework to create a collection of Software libraries, User Interface Templates, Standard application workflows for Mobile Apps development and Cloud Services. This SW framework development includes providing ongoing technical support and will enable a faster and efficient creation of Mobile App & Cloud based Services.
Mobile2Cloud Software framework includes the following key built-in features:
  • Common Cloud Service Interface   
  • Standard Application Workflows Library 
  • Common User Interface Template 
  • Common Cloud Application Service 

Web Designing and Hosting

The true power of Bioinfo Systems is in how we leverage our diverse web specialties into one complete, easy, and affordable website option. This website option covers all aspects of your website needs in one fell swoop without breaking your bank.
  • Register the selected domain(s)  
  • Discuss your website design needs at length 
  • Optimize the website for high search engine ranking 
  • Host your website 
  • Website maintenance


We offer a complete range of professional network services - network design and implementation, project management and on site maintenance for our clients. Our approach is to provide the design, analysis and implementation of the network. The goal is to provide innovative and effective data and network solutions to handle our client's network needs.
  • LAN Network setup & security
  • Workstation setup and security
  • Wireless Network setup & security
  • Backup System setup
  • Internet Web Router Setup


Promoting E Learning solutions to improve your business model. E-learning solutions have migrated from an alternative training delivery mechanism to a platform for delivering innovative, creative, and transformational learning experiences. Simply Interactive's e-learning solutions deliver content that is engaging and allows in-depth user interactivity coupled with sound instructional philosophies.
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